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I started out when I was 7 years old as a little helper for my Mom and Aunt Françoise's gourmet cooking schools which were held right out of our 1750's Colonial Farmhouse on Long Island, NY.  Now, 40 years later, my Mom still hosts weekly teas at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. My parents still live in the same old Farmhouse and all of our cakes, cookies and dinners still remain family recipes. ​ From my Great Aunt Elizabeth Occenero's crumb cakes, to Nanna & Nonno Passalacqua's Spinach and Prosciutto Lasagna.   Anthony and Claire's superb sauces and suppers to my brother Adrian's all natural gelato company.  As for the cake designs? Well, that inspiration comes from my passion of making people smile.  Now, along with two little helpers of my own, I hope to share mi familia's recipes with you!

Chef Anthony Pace

Growing up with your Dad being a Le Cordon Blue Certified Chef made helping out with the nighlty kitchen duties...Educational, to say the least.

Chef Bradley and his little sous chefs Madison and Mackenzie

Like my father before me, I have been passing on teachings and recipes to my girls since they were old enough to walk. Now, they are my little sous chefs!  (Well, at ages 14 and 15 they are not so little anymore!)

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