Holiday Class

Private Cooking Class up to seven guests!


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A truly unique four hour cooking and dining experience. Watch, learn and enjoy as each dish of your Christmas dinner is prepared, explained and served to you.  At the end of the night each guest also receives a "Bakery bag" to go filled with freshly baked Christmas cookies, gifts, and more!

Private Cooking Classes

10 Reasons!

1. Taste, touch and smell. Unlike television demonstrations and magazine articles, a live cooking class allows you to smell, touch and taste the food as well as see how it's prepared.  

2. You can ask questions. Classes are interactive. Hands-on classes take this a step further as you sharpen your skills under the watchful eye of a seasoned pro. 


3. Add a little spice! Exposure to new or exotic cooking methods and ingredients creates a sense of adventure.

4. Get the recipes! The printed recipes are provided, including signature dishes, seasonal inspirations and personal favorites.  

5. Techniques and tricks. Even if you have baked hundreds of cakes or cooked nightly dinners at home, you can always learn a few timesaving tips! 

6. Do you know? The differences between the types olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars? 

7. That's entertainment! There is something relaxing about watching someone else cook for you. Non-cooks attend just to watch and be fed! Chefs often weave interesting personal stories of restaurant life and professional food events into the evening. 

8. No time-lapse tricks. Cooking classes unfold in real time. The unexpected often happens and this is when you discover remedies for such disasters!

9. The finished plate. Not only do you see the fresh ingredients developed, but polished chefs also take the dish a step further and create beautiful restaurant-style presentations. You learn how plates are "constructed" in the restaurant.

10. It's Fun!!!